Creative Services

For your next event or project.


Positive Portraits
Positive Portraits provides unique, quick hand-drawn portraits that highlight the inner and outer beauty of each person. I mingle with the crowd or set up a station to engage your guest. Either way your guest leave with a gift they will not forget.

Want to add some art to your team photos? Or maybe you’d like to capture some candid images at your next event. If so, photoDRAW may be right for you! I come to your event and office and capture images of your team or moments in an innovative and creative way.

Block Parties
The quick hand-drawn style of Positive Portraits makes drawing at community events like block parties simple and memorable. Based on the needs of the event I can travel around in the crowd or set up an art station for guests to come to, and leave your community members with a great memento of their day.

Community Art Programs
Are you looking for an artist to complete a work of art to be displayed in your community? I can work with you, and your vision, to create murals, window art or any other kind of community based art display that you would like.



Creative Direction & Art Development
Does your art project or company need Creative Direction? If so, I’m your guy. When you engage me as a creative director, I can help you get clear about your vision and needs, help to create a budget and pull together the pieces needed to execute your art-driven vision.

Whether you need original art for your book, your website, your project or even a tattoo, I can work with you to create a something that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

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