Who Is Antonio Clark?


Superman to some, artist to others but positivity pusher to all.

I’m Antonio Clark — a freelance illustrator and creator of  Positive Portraits — working in New York City by way of Baltimore, MD. Art is my vehicle of change as it allows me to inspire, connect and express with people all at the same time. I’ve been a part of the indie comic book industry for over a decade and love personifying the superpowers of anyone who will give me a chance. I work with clients of all sizes from solopreneurs to restauranteurs, along with corporate events.

I use pencils, pens, watercolor brushes and copic markers to make my drawings for hand made commissions and for my digital formats, I use my Wacom Cintiq.  Whether designing traditionally or digitally, you’ll always experience my sketchy yet finished style.

NY-based, Baltimore bred and traveling the globe spreading my talent!

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